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What is Gout?

gout diets for woman playing pianoGout is commonly classified as a type of arthritis because it affects the joints, and is associated with rheumatic inflammation as well.  When it settles into a big toe (a common area for uric acid accumulation) it is called Podagra.

Gout Causes

It is usually caused by excess uric acid crystals in the blood that deposit into the joints and cause severe swelling and pain. It usually find it’s way to the persons foot and toes and that is where it has its most devastating effects.  Stress adds to this condition as it does to most illness because it raises our Cortisol (stress hormone) level and lowers our growth hormone levels (tissue recovery and longevity).

High Uric Acid Levels

Our kidneys can usually filter out the excess uric acid when they are functioning properly. They can be overrun when we do not eat a healthy diet (too many gout foods like seafood) and have too many simple sugars (carbohydrates) and other purine (uric acid) rich foods and do not drink enough water.


During attacks alcoholic drinks or other drinks that dehydrate our body make the symptoms appear worse.  We should drink as much water as we can and eat a bowl of vegetable soup (with cayenne or turmeric) as the alkalinity will quench the acidity of the uric acid and help relieve the flare ups.

Signs of Gout Symptoms

The most common symptoms of gouty arthritis are:

  • Rapid onset red hot joint area (Gout Flare)
  • Swollen and tender joints (usually the big toe)
  • Fever
  • Intense and burning pain
  • Very tender to the touch
  • Symptoms last 3-10 days, with flares of symptoms
  • Other joints affected – fingers, ankle, knee or wrist
  • General soreness in joints

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, or even a combination of them, you visit a health care professional and begin taking preventative measures and use some natural gout remedies and stop the progression of gout disease before it literally gets a foothold on your life.

What people are most affected by gout?

Gout usually affects people after their young adult years.  Usually men between the ages of 40 and 50 are most affected. Women are affected after menopause, particularly if they have other kidney problems.  Children are rarely affected.  There may be some genetic inheritance to this condition as well.

Gout Treatment

Gout is most commonly treated by prescription anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the swelling and lessen the pain. This is a short-term patch only, and will actually make the condition worse in the long run.  It is best to treat the source of the problem, which is poor nutrition and activity levels.  There are a three things you need to do to kick the gout out of your body:

  • Choose a High Alkaline Gout Diet (Low Uric Acid Forming Gout Foods like Cherry Juice)
  • Make sure all the water your drink is alkaline (Ionized Water)
  • Combine Herbal and Homeopathic Gout Remedies (A powerful Gout Relieveing Combo that really works!)

Gout Uric Acid Diet – Gout Foods

  • Follow the Arthritis Diet or Get the Gout Diet Plan downloadable workbook
  • Start Drinking Alkaline Water (normal acidic water increases Gout Symptoms)
  • Reduce simple sugars in your diet
  • Reduce starchy carbohydrates like potatoes and carrots (until you improve)
  • Reduce Asparagus, Cauliflower and mushroom consumption
  • Add as many green vegetables to your diet (they are alkaline and reduce acid)
  • Avoid seafood and meat as much as you can
  • Limit strong coffee as it will breakdown protein quickly and bring on symptoms
  • Eat almonds and walnuts
  • Eat pineapple, papaya and berries
  • Exercise 10-30 minutes a day (Arthritis Exercises)

Start drinking black cherry juice, particularly Black Cherry Juice Concentrate, as it is the top food you can get for gout relief period!

Gout Remedy Black Cherry Juice

Benefits of using Black Cherry Juice

  • Reduces Uric Acid in whole body
  • Relieves burning pain in joints
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Makes the body more alkaline and healthy
  • High in anti-oxidants and vitamins

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Also make sure you get some daily exercise and sunlight if you can as part of your gout remedy.  Even if you have gout toe, you can still do some water exercise or do leg lifts while sitting in a chair.  Movement is necessary to speed recovery.  Do some of the things you enjoy and try not to let stress aggravate you too much or you will hasten a gout flare. Watch a comedy or sing up your favorite tune as this will stimulate growth hormone and lessen cortisol, assisting your gout treatment for recovery.


Herbs That Relieve Gout

  • Turmeric Powder (Curcumin, or Curry, best overall herb for gout and arthritis)
  • Yucca Herb (Soothes the pain and alkalizes the joint)
  • Artichoke Herb (Powerful Joint free radical acid quencher)
  • Silymarin (Milk thistle extract, acid and liver detoxifier, gets it before it even gets to your joints)
  • Devils Claw (Reduces uric acid crystals)
  • Uricinex (Natural blend of herbs the lower high uric acid levels fast)

Gout Relief at Home

Gout is triggered by many factors, but there is always one main source of discomfort that is causing it. That is why it is very important to discover that main cause before you start taking any more potentially health damaging prescription medicines. If you are on medications right now, you should advise your doctor before just quitting completely. If you are like most people, your gout pain keeps coming back with a screaming vengeance because the prescription meds do NOT address the root cause of gout at all, they only cover up the symptoms, harming you in the long run. See what a prominent gout doctor has to say about gout medications:


You can find out more information by clicking: The Gout Report

Natural Gout Remedies

First and foremost you need to get rid of the excess acid in your body. Adding extra minerals to your water will remove the acidity (the cause of gout) and actually rejuvenate you. David Wolfe is an expert nutritionist and natural healing practitioner explains how you can neutralize the acid in your diet, and remove the CAUSE of gout, once and for all! Start drinking highly alkaline (dissolves uric acid) ionized water.

You need to reduce the uric acid buildup and alkalize your diet. Then stop any infections from happening in your body as this may an underlying cause of gouty arthritis. Then you need to rebuild and nourish your joints. Finally you might want to get some natural pain relief until you no longer have this condition. Follow the simple two-step Uricinex (herbal) and Goutinex (homeopathic) treatments below (combines the best herbs with a proven homeopathic formula) and prevent Gouty Arthritis from attacking you ever again:

Herbal Gout Remedy

UricinexAll-Natural Herbal Uric Acid remover that relieves gout symptoms safely and quickly.

Here’s what a couple of former gout sufferers have to say about Uricinex:

I am 86 years old and my legs and feet work like I was 40.
By Jack B. (IA) • 5 Star

I just want to let you know how well your Uricinex has worked for me.

About two years ago I had an attack about twice a week and had to treat it with a prescription medication for about two days each time. Then I heard about Uricinex and tried it. I have not had an attack since I started taking Uricinex over two years ago. In addition, I have not had knee pain like I had before taking Uricinex.

It worked and I took myself off the chemicals.
By Matt B. (AS) • 5 Star

I have been experiencing uric acid trouble over the past few years. My podiatrist only ever offered chemicals.

Anyway, my discomfort was getting more frequent and more severe and often would last for two or more weeks. For the most recent attack, the doc prescribed another chemical for an extended period of time (six months) to help the uric acid. Apparently, the uric acid remained unhealthy and did not get filtered.

So I decided to try Uricinex. It worked and I took myself off the chemicals. I have been doing great for the last two months and no more discomfort. Thanks!

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Uricinex Benefits

  • Helps balance uric acid levels
  • Adds daily nutritional support for normal uric acid function
  • Addresses symptoms of joint discomfort, redness and swelling
  • Promotes optimal uric acid maintenance with NO negative side effects
  • Uricinex has been helping people like you since 2004

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Homeopathic Remedy for Gout

Goutinex Homeopathic Remedy for Complete Gout Symptoms Removal. Homeopathy is an ancient medicinal practice that is now experiencing a modern revival. Since its official inception in 1840, homeopathy has induced no known side effects, while maintaining an extremely high success rate. In fact recent scientific research shows how it is changes the signals the brain is sending and receiving in a very positive and healing way, without any negatives of the more harmful prescription medications. It works really well against gout as people are rapidly discovering…

Pain would keep me awake at night.
“I had been suffering from acute episodes of gout on and off. Pain would keep me awake at night and I was bed ridden during those episodes. Doctors advised me dietary restrictions and pain killers. The medications would give me temporary relief but nothing could stop the uric acid built up. I tried homeopathy last year. I took it for 3 months. Since then I have not had a single episode of gout. I also checked my blood for uric acid levels and it was normal. “
-Mike (LA)

This natural homeopathic remedy works well on it’s own. Try either (or a combination of this and the herbal Goutinex and finally get the rest from Gout you deserve. Click on the bottle or buy now button to stop gout from stopping you!

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 The Goutinex™ Advantage

  • Delivers fast, safe gout symptom relief
  • Promotes maximum mobility
  • Works without negative side effects*
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